WINE ANALYSIS UV/Vis PC-Spectrometer System

Photometrical, colorimetric and enzymatic analytical procedures are ubiquitous in wine, must and juice analysis. Procedures for objective color determination are getting more and more relevant. All these procedures are based on UV/Vis spectrometric measurements.


The UV/Vis PC-spectrometer system described, offers dedicated hardware and software solutions for wine and juice analysis. The system is based on a high performing Thermo Scientific UV/Vis-
spectrometer like Helios omega with an optional cell changer and direct PC control.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful UV/Vis PC-spectrometer system with optional cell changer
  • Full English/French/Spanish language user interface
  • Predefined software methods
  • Methods are editable and extendable
  • Secure results by automated data reading and calculations
  • Operating hints for analytical procedures
  • Entry of sample weight/volume, dilution and description


  • Enzymatic: Ethanol, Sucrose/Glucose/ Fructose, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, Glycerol and others
  • Photometric: Total Phenol Index, Metals (Cu, Fe and others), Flavonoids, Anthocyan and others
  • Color: intensity/hue (various definitions), XYZ-Tristimulus, CIE Lab* (OIV), CIE LCh*, color difference and more
  • Antioxidants-Test (TAS)

The tailored PC software guarantees an easy user interface, reliable data recording and error-free evaluation of results presented within comprehensive reports. The system includes an extensive number of predefined methods, which can be varied and extended by the user.

General-purpose tasks of the WINE ANALYSIS package are handled by the proven VISIONlite software. It provides techniques like spectrum scanning, measurement of time dependent absorbance, for example to determine enzyme activity, and quantitative measurements, based on a calibration curve or a user entered analytical factor.

Another software module is included for enzymatic analysis with commercial, ready-to-use reagent kits. It offers advanced features like creeping correction, results recalculation or integrated kit documentation. The technique allows determining various sugars, fruit acids, alcohol, etc..

The color software module is used to record a spectrum in the visible range and to calculate the various color figures. These include the conventional color intensity and hue procedures specific to wine industry as well as the CIE xyY, Lab*, LCh* and dE procedures, common in industry. Measurement can be adapted to a desired cell thickness.

The Thermo Scientific Helios omega UV/Vis spectrometer covers the wavelength range of 190 – 1100 nm. It is therefore excellently suited for all photometrical and enzymatic analysis procedures, including for example the UV wavelength 280 nm for the important phenol index measurement. With a spectral bandpass of 2 nm and a low stray light value it provides reliable results even at high absorbencies. The instrument can be optionally equipped with a thermostatable 7-cell changer. This allows measuring 7 samples in parallel. With the removable cell carousel cell filling is comfortably done on the lab bench. A special feature of the instrument is its small footprint, while still having a large and easily accessible sample compartment. The instrument also features a built-in panel and display so that it can be operated also as a stand-alone instrument.

The spectrometer system is supported in detail by ascanis. Software and methods are continuously updated in close relation to our users. The worldwide service network of Thermo Scientific covers possible service requests for the instrument.

Hardware requirements
The system additionally requires a PC with Windows Vista / 7 / 8,8.1®, CD-drive and RS-232, resp. USB interface.