Reporter-SPX    A powerful Tool for Presenting Spectra and Results

Analytical results are presented in documents like inspection protocols, analysis certificates or scientific publications. This requires flexible options for the presentation of data and results, offered by the Reporter-SPX software, a powerful presentation software specifically designed for spectroscopic purposes.

All report layout settings are stored in a diagram layout and a page layout method so that the settings can be easily evoked again. The report can be stored in a number of formats like PDF, HTML or TIF.

Reporter-SPX can be integrated to the Thermo Scientific VISIONlite, VISIONlite ColorCalc and VISIONlite MaterialsCalc software and to the ascanis OptLab-SPX and Lambda-SPX software.

Reporter-SPX reads spectra and time data of all above software packages and of the PerkinElmer UVWinLab software vers. 2.0-3.0 for the Lambda series UV/Vis and UV/Vis/NIR spectrometers like Lambda 20, Lambda 19 or Lambda 900..

Also an import of JCAMP or csv format spectra and other tabular data is possible.

Details and examples are presented in the sub pages.

Reporter-SPX also supports the macro language VBScript. It allows amongst others the access to spectral data and spectra residing in the graph or on disk. With these options, virtually all individual report requirements can be addressed.

On request ascanis is able to supply tailored reporting solutions for your lab.