OptLab-SPX Software

OptLab-SPX is a software package for recording sample spectra and calculating a number of integral optical sample data. Based on the sample spectrum, OptLab-SPX calculates optical parameters such as

- Transmission coefficients
- XYZ or Lab color values
- Color difference values
- Sun protection factors
- Whiteness index, yellowness index
- Haze value
and many more.
Additional parameters can be defined by the user.

OptLab-SPX is a stand-alone software package It is compatible to Thermo Scientific UV/Vis and Vis-spectrophotometers of the Evolution and the GENESYS series.
The software can also be used as an add-on to the Thermo Scientific VISIONlite® UV/Vis applications software.


OptLab-SPX is also suited for the PerkinElmer Lambda 25 series UV/Vis-spectrometers (not online for Lambda 16/18/19). A special version is designed for the Lambda 950 series of UV/Vis- and UV/Vis/NIR-spectrometers including Lambda 1050, USB controlled instruments and URA accessory.

With version 5.0, OptLab-SPX is also available as an offline version that allows loading spectra from various sources for evaluation.

OptLab-SPX is also available in a autosampler version with all options as described for other packages.