Updates for PerkinElmer UV/Vis- and UV/Vis/NIR-Spectrometers

Application Software for PerkinElmer Lambda 650 - 1050

The Perkin-Elmer UV/Vis-spectrometers and UV/Vis/NIR-spectrometers

      Lambda 650, Lambda 750, Lambda 800, Lambda 850 (+), Lambda 900,
     Lambda 950 and Lambda 1050 (+)

are distributed by PerkinElmer as its high-performance double-monochromator spectrometers since about 1996. ascanis provides a version of the Lambda-SPX software to control this series of spectrometers. With its straightforward and intuitive operation, this software can be an interesting update for previous versions or an alternative for the existing standard operation software. Existing UVWinlab (R) (vers. 2.0-3.0) spectra and methods as well as ASCII spectra of UVWinLab(R) >5.0 can be imported.