Enzymatic Food Analysis using EnzLab Application Software

Methods of enzymatic food analysis with ready-to-use reagent test kits are highly specific and efficient. THus they are indispensable for food analysis according to national and international standards and recommendations. The practical implementation, however, based on stopwatch and pocket calculator or spreadsheet calculations is often tedious and confusing.

    EnzLab stets standards for managing enzymatic food analysis.

The Windows software EnzLab performs enzymatic analysis with a standard lab UV/Vis-spectrometer. It guides the user through the analysis with predefined analysis methods, controls the measurement times, automatically reads the data of up to 99 samples from the spectrometer, and performs all required calculations.

    For example lactose-free products ....
 Lactose intolerance is of great public concern at the time. The quantization of lactose in lactose
 -free products therefore is important. An enzymatic lactose test is a straightforward, simple and
 competitive, but powerful analytical technique for this test. Similar applies to the determination of  cholesterol, glutamic acid, sugar or ethanol in diet food and beverages. See Target Analytes.



More than 100 laboratories have substantially rationalized their enzymatic analysis procedures with EnzLab up to now and thus have established a GLP/DIN/ISO compliant procedure.

The EnzLab PC-software sets standards for enzymatic analysis: EnzLab specifically addressees labs with a medium sample throughput, which aim to keep the proven and flexible execution of enzymatic analysis with standard cells and which also want to use the spectrometer for other purposes.
The dedicated EnzLab SE version fulfills 21 CFR Part 11 requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

A complete automated EnzLab Spectrometer System can be supplied based Details
on a Thermo Scientific or a PerkinElmer UV/Vis spectrometer – with
or without an automatic cell changer/cell positioner.

The EnzLab manual version can be used for existing photometers without PC control.Details
This version provides all options as above except that the user enters the photometric readings manually. The software prompts the user according to the selected method (analyte) and samples.