EnzLab manual
          for enzymatic analysis with keyboard data entry

Quite often enzymatic analyses are performed with simple filter or Hg-line photometers which are not equipped with PC-control. The EnzLab manual version, however, provides many options to facilitate the analyses.

The EnzLab manual version is identical to the full version in operation and functionality. In contrast to the automated system, however, the user reads the absorbance data at the photometer and enters the readings via the PC keyboard. This can be either with a time-controlled prompt for each required absorbance reading or with data entry to a table which is configured according to the number of samples and the type of analyte(s). When updating to the full version, established methods can be transferred.

With the EnzLab manual version the user selects a method and enters all the sample parameters for up to 99 cells. The cells list is based on these selections. The cells can contain a blank, a second cell for a second component, etc. According to the selected procedure the time countdown is started or the data table is displayed.


     Figure 1 Query for an entry of readings for the manual data input with time control.


     Figure 2  Data table for manual data table input

After the entries are finalized the results are calculated and a report is generated. Optionally the report can include all raw data, results, and sample documentation. The report header and footer are configurable. The report can be saved and/or printed.

Conclusion: As with the EnzLab full version the EnzLab manual version greatly facilitates enzymatic analyses. Extensive sample documentation, comprehensive user guidance, automatic calculation and results protocols, which can be stored to disk, are indispensable for a modern analytical laboratory.