Automating Spectrometric Measurements with VISIONlite auto and Vision Sampler

UV/Vis spectrometry is a fast and reliable analytical technique. With manual operation however, changing , cleaning and filling cuvettes limit sample throughput. In a routine environment, an unattended throughput of several hundred samples per hour can only be achieved with an automatic sampling device. ascanis offers to solutions to realize an appropriate spectrometer system with an automatic sampling device.

VISIONlite auto is based on the economical and proven Thermo Scientific VISIONlite software for UV/Vis spectrometric applications. It offers all options of the basic software and extends it with the functionality to control a CETAC autosampler.

The VISIONsampler software is an add-on package for the Thermo Scientific software packages VISIONpro and VISIONsecurity. VISIONsecurity fulfills the FDA requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. Thus the system based on this software is suited for a operation in pharmaceutical industry.

Both systems are designed for users that have to measure a high number of liquid samples fast and safely with an autosampler and a Thermo Scientific UV/Vis spectrophotometer. The instrument must be equipped with an automated sipper accessory.

Also, the Optlab-SPX software is available in a version with autosampler control.

Typically, high sample numbers are found in tests of incoming goods and in quality control. Here, the quick, sensitive and proven methods of UV/Vis spectrometry are of special relevance. The high -performing Thermo Scientific UV/Vis spectrophotometers of the Helios or the Evolution line together with the flexible and widely used CETAC autosampler (e. g. model ASX-520) are the perfect team for automating spectrometric measurements.