VISIONliteTM auto Autosampler System:
Automated UV/Vis spectrometric measurements

The Thermo Scientific VISIONlite (TM) software is a cost-effective and proven software, covering all standard UV/Vis requirements. VISIONlite is compatible to many Thermo Scientific UV/Vis spectrometers like Evolution 200 series and 300. The ascanis VISIONlite auto software is based on VISIONlite: it comprises the standard VISIONlite software together with all the functionality required to drive the autosampler for a greatly enhanced sample throughput.


    VISIONite auto parameter definitions

The additional autosampler functions are completely integrated into the concise VISIONlite user interface, so that VISIONlite auto methods include the parameters for the sipper and the autosampler: the chosen arrangement of sample tray and racks, aspiration times, and so on are selectable parameters. The user can define individual sample tray arrangements with various number and sizes of tubes. To minimize the sample carry-over, optional needle washing/shaking and tube rinsing can be defined. It is also interesting that a calibration can be integrated into the measurement cycle with a selectable parameter to check the quality of calibration. All autosampler and sipper functions can also be operated manually.

VISIONlite auto offers the following UV/Vis measurement principles:


The Scan application records sample spectra, stores them and presents the spectra graphically. Peak annotation and peak tables can be generated.


The Fixed application reads absorbance data at up to 20 single wavelengths and performs simple calculations like ratio or difference.


This application is applied for quantitative measurements at an analytical wavelength with up to 2 reference wavelengths. Setting up a calibration and optimizing it with a linear or quadratic function (with/without intercept) is applicable. Alternatively also calibration function parameters can be entered. It is relevant that the automatic measurement of calibration data can be integrated into the workflow.


The Rate application measures time changes of sample absorbance at a fixed wavelength.

All applications offer a convenient entry of sample data as a sample list, either manually or by importing the sample list from a file or via clipboard. The sample list is edited with various functions and it can be stored for repeated usage.

The numerical results of the Fixed and the Quant application can have a target range entered. Outliers will be marked with a selectable text. The results table can be stored as a text or as a Microsoft Office Excel® compatible csv-file.


    VISIONlite auto sample information window

Report Configuration with Reporter-SPX
The additional installation of the ascanis Reporter-SPX software opens multiple options to individually configure the analytical reports, e. g. with the definition of colors and fonts, addition of fixed or user-entered texts, symbols like a company logo or with definitions for the spectrum graph. This is especially valuable for a quality control environment. Integration of user queries, calculations and logical decisions assure to transform measurements into final reports. The reports can be stored in various formats like the PDF-format.

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
VISIONlite auto is compatible to the Thermo Scientific spectrophotometers Evolution 200 series and 300, as well as further models that are no longer in production. The instruments must be equipped with a sipper accessory.

CETAC autosampler models ASX-130/260 and 510/520 are reliable and proven laboratory systems. A typical configuration with an ASX-520 sampler offers 240 sample positions (15 ml) in 4 racks and 10 larger positions for standards. Tubing is made from PTFE and a pump for the needle washing liquid is integrated.

System Requirements
VISIONlite auto is a Windows PC-software, which can be used with Windows Vista / 7 / 8;8.1. For the communication to the autosampler, the PC must be equipped with an additional RS-232 (serial) interface or a USB-serial converter for the autosampler.