VISIONsampler Software
Automating VISIONpro/VISIONsecurity Software

The PC software VISIONsampler is an add-on module for the Thermo Scientific VISIONpro or VISIONsecurity UV/Vis applications software.

VISIONsampler is designed for laboratories, which have to measure larger series of samples quickly , safely and automatically with a Thermo Scientific UV/Vis spectrometer. All measurement types (Scan, Fixed, Rate and Quant) can be utilized. It is possible to measure up to 300 samples in one batch with a Gilson XL 222 or a CETAC ASX 510 autosampler. The spectrometer must be equipped with a sipper attachment to aspirate the sample.

With the additional VISIONsampler software, the spectrometer system still is basically operated through the VISIONpro or VISIONsecurity software. VISIONsampler automatically transfers the entries for

  • Type of measurement
  • Number and names of samples
  • Repetition of samples (Quant only)
  • Zero samples

VISION Sampler

    VISIONsampler basic configuration

Additionally the user enters the frequency and timing of washing cycles and the rack type. Certainly, it is also possible to define new rack types and other characteristics of the autosampler in use. These definitions are protected by a password.

Before starting the analysis, the rack plan is shown and can be printed to place the samples to the racks accordingly. It is also possible to manually execute a number of sampler functions like tube washing.